Friday, February 28, 2014

What Seamus Says

Seamus: Mom, I'm going to wear my vampire vest to school today. I want to dress like my favorite president. 

Me: Who's your favorite president?

Seamus: Abraham Lincoln. 


After coming out of the dentist office with a numb mouth, Seamus says: "Mom!! My chin is plastic!  Feel it! The dentist put plastic in there!"

Monday, February 10, 2014

What Vivian Says

At two-years-old our Vivvie is a little chatterbox. I thought I'd start this new installment on our blog to capture some of the funny things she says. You may also notice some "What Seamus Says" posts in the future as well. Here's just a snippet of Viv's vocabulary at the moment:

Parking Lot = Parking Road

Silly Goose = Silly Goofy

Frankenstein = Frankentimes

"I be Dorothy. You be a flying monkey."

"I be Roo. You be mama Kanga."

"I want my Cinderella slippers on me."

"I want my Dorothy shoes on me."

"Stinking butt!" (What she calls Seamus when she's angry with him.)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Day

It's snowing today, and we have seven inches (and counting)of the white stuff--and that's on top of what's left over from last week's snow. Every bird in the county has come to eat suet and bread crumbs from our yard. We've been watching them fight all day from our living room. We're all (except T) getting over a nasty cold, so we're staying inside the rest of the day. A five-minute walk around our yard was about enough for me and S.

So far this is proving to be a real winter with snow every week. I'm anxious for spring, but the groundhog says six more weeks of this stuff.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lately from my phone...

Snow days

Lots of indoor play with Legos and homemade tepees

Viv paints on paper and herself

Knitting done by me and Viv

Homemade truffles

Making more soap

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