Friday, November 1, 2013


Last night was so much fun! We took the kiddos for some old fashioned trick-or-treating. No malls and trunk-or-treats this year. We hit up the town of Bloomsbury first before ending the night in Clinton knocking on door after door of old Victorian homes.

The kids had so much fun. It was Viv's first year trick-or-treating, and she couldn't get over her ever-filling bucket of fun-sized candies. She was also super-excited about all the witches and ghosts that decorated the yards and porches of the homes we visited. Seamus, on the other hand, was a seasoned trick-or-treater and had been looking forward to Halloween night for weeks.

This year, like most years, T and I made the kids' costumes. However, instead of spending weeks constructing complicated get-ups (see 2011's Ghostbuster costume for S), we decided to go with simple costumes. Seamus wanted to be a bat, and Vivian wanted to be a cat. We used black cotton shirts and pants as a base for each costume and added some special touches to create their costumes. Our Halloween budget was pretty much non-existent this year, so T used remnants to sew S's bat wings and oval to his shirt. He made the bat hat from an old wool coat I was getting rid of.

For Viv, all I had to do was knit a simple bonnet in black and attach cat ears to it. I thought about knitting mittens with pink paws, but I knew she'd never keep them on. I used left-over Red Heart acrylic yarn for her hat and had it finished in a day.

The kids loved wearing their costumes and having me paint whiskers and noses on their faces, but more than anything they loved spending the night knocking on spooky doors and collecting piles and piles of candy. T and I had a great time but wished we'd dressed up as well. Next year, we're thinking of making costumes for the whole family.

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