Sunday, September 15, 2013

Almost Fall

We are so ready for fall over here. Ready for pumpkins and mums, fall leaves, corn mazes, hay rides, flocks and flocks of migrating birds, and chilli for dinner. We've already eaten one pumpkin pie and purchased countless apple cider doughnuts.

This morning the kids and I took a walk in our long sleeves and wool hats. There were wooly worms everywhere, and the songbirds, woodpeckers, even a couple of Red-Tailed Hawks were calling and circling the forest. It was cool and felt like fall was almost here. We looked at the end-of-summer wildflowers, the pokeweed, the jewelweed. The kids pretended to be wildlife photographers. But in our little garden our tomatoes were only just reddening. In a few weeks it will all be yellow around here.

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