Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Seamus

Six years ago today, I gave birth to a beautiful brown-haired baby boy. It was an overcast spring day in Tennessee and just starting to get warm. My father sat in the corner of the room, taking notes on my labor progression. The first sentence he wrote was, "11 a.m. and the red buds are in bloom."

Our boy was born pink and dainty--just under seven pounds--and with a head full of dark hair. His first cries were small and gentle. Thomas and I remarked on his politeness. His cries seemed like someone who hated to interrupt. That, of course, would change.

Now our boy is in Kindergarten. He writes sentences. He reads. He adds and subtracts. Just a couple of weeks ago he learned to climb trees. And he is absolutely obsessed with frogs and salamanders. At the age of six, he's certain he'll grow up to be a herpetologist. He's an amazing kid, and we are so lucky to be his parents.

Happy birthday to our nature boy. We love you, Famous Seamus, more than 10 giraffe necks.


little macaroon. said...

wonderful! I love how you measure love in giraffe necks :-) Me and my sixer have love competitions; "I love you more than...[sunshine/tulips/apple pie etc]" and see who can better the last. My all time favourite was when she said she loved me more than being sick in the bath... there's no answer really is there?!

karen said...

Happy birthday! Love the series of photos :)

house full of jays said...

Happy Birthday, Seamus! He's such a cutie!

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