Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Birthday!

It's 9:45 am, and Seamus and Vivian are chasing birthday balloons around the living room. At this time last year, I was holding a new baby girl and waiting for my son and parents to come visit us at the hospital and meet her for the first time. Little Vivian and I were both tired after a fast and intense (and absolutely wonderful) labor and delivery. She was so tiny and delicate with elegant fingers and sandy wisps of hair. Later that night as she was lying next to me, she would look into my eyes, and I would smile at her. And I swear she smiled back.

Now my baby girl is ONE! And she's been walking for three months. She babbles constantly and can say lots of words. She's curious about everything and loves to get into the cabinets and pull all the dishes out. She climbs the pantry shelves to grab the spice containers. She chases the cat all over the house. And she copies everything we do, from combing her hair to wiping down counter tops to humming a kazoo just like her brother.

She's a sweet girl with a loving and gentle nature. She gives hundreds of hugs and kisses a day and comforts her brother whenever he gets hurt.

This month, instead of writing about milestones and sleeping updates, I thought it would be fun to look back over the 12 months of Vivian to see how she's changed and grown.

Happy birthday, sweet little girl!


karen said...

Happy Birthday sweet Vivian!

Lydia said...

Thanks, Karen!

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