Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lately from my iPhone

Thanksgiving feast
Downton Sweater made for me by my mom.
My parents visit for Thanksgiving.
Vivian in a leopard print coat
Seamus goes in an expedition in our yard for the ivory billed woodpecker.
Vivian is ready to color.
Big brother reading to little sister

Monday, November 19, 2012


We opened an Etsy shop just in time for holiday shopping! Check it out...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy 10 Months!

I'm a little late here as Vivian will be 11 months old next week (and a year Old next month...eeek), but life has been oh, so hectic in the Gwyn Family household lately.
None the less, we have big news to report: the Little Duchess is walking! Yep, my big girl has been taking steps and toddling around since she was 9 months old. She actually took her first steps on October 13th. But last week, she began walking in earnest--by that I mean walking more than crawling. She's also been climbing everything: stairs, chairs, couches, and beds.
As far as other milestones go, Vivian has added the word "cat" to her vocabulary and must say it a hundred times a day (usually while chasing ours). She'll also point the the cats on her cat pajamas and say the word. She's just started pointing at things over the past few days, and aside from pointing at cats on pjs, she also loves to open books and point at the pictures.
As far as appetite goes, Vivian still nurses throughout the day but is now going for longer stretches in between sessions (except at night). She's also eating three big meals and numerous little snacks each day. Her favorite foods right now are: apples, blueberries, quinoa, and bananas.

There's one thing not going so well in our household, however: sleep. Oh man, the sleeping situation around here is dreadful. Aside from one long stretch of sleep from 7:30-11:30, Vivian still wakes every two hours to nurse at night. Most of the time, I nurse her or rock her for just a few minutes, and she goes right back to sleep, but sometimes it takes a good two hours to get her to sleep in her own bed. She'll go straight to sleep in my arms or my bed, but the instant her head hits her own mattress, she's awake and wailing. Add Seamus's frequent night awakenings to come to our bed and no one is sleeping. I have to say, I'm a bit of a zombie these days and have been forgetting to do all kinds of important stuff such as making Seamus's lunch or paying the electric bill.
With the hurricane and our trip to Tennessee, Vivian has been lucky enough to spend a lot more time with T than usual. The two of them have developed a closer bond, and she's now a little bit less attached to me and loves being cared for by her papa. She gets so excited when he comes home at the end of the day.
But the one person in our home who remains Vivian's closest friend is her brother. Those two are peas in a pod.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Recently from My iPhone

We had a lovely time in Tennessee, and as I write this we're on the road back to Jersey. Wish we could have stayed longer and visited more people, but we didn't have the time.

Here are photos of me and the kiddos whiling away the days at state parks, playgrounds, and old fashioned drug stores while T holed up in my parents' basement in a make-shift studio. T's boss allowed him to work from Tennessee the entire time we were without power.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

See Ya Later, Sandy & Happy Halloween

Just wanted to let everyone know we made it through the storm. Hurricane Sandy sure threw us for a loop. I was certain the hurricane would just be a little storm for our part of Jersey, but I was wrong. A few hours into the storm, our power went out, which also meant we had no water and no heat. It was fine for awhile, and we were determined to stick it out. We moved the entire family to the first floor and piled up on a futon mattress to sleep. I spent a long and eerie night listening to the wind gusts and watching the trees bend in the light of the full moon. Every once in awhile I'd hear a crash or bang on the roof and nudge Thomas, who'd tell me it was probably just a tree branch falling on the house.

When we woke the next morning, we were happy to find our house still in tact and no trees on top of it. We did have several limbs in the driveway, but Thomas made quick work with the saw and soon the driveway was passable again. Unfortunately, we lots a few of our big 100 foot poplars, which tipped over from the roots. We also had a few trees split in half. Compared to the rest of New Jersey, we were lucky.

Our creek is now rushing like we've never seen it, and there are impromptu streams all over the property.
Unfortunately, Sandy blew away all the gorgeous fall leaves from the trees and it now looks like winter in our yard.

After cleaning up the driveway and inspecting the property, we turned on the transistor radio and listened to a station taking callers and answering questions about the storm. It became obvious pretty quickly that New Jersey was in shambles and that our power wouldn't be coming on any time soon (the power company said it would be 7-10 days). So, we decided to make the best of a bad situation and head down to Tennessee.

We've been staying with my parents for a few days and spent Halloween trick-or-treating around my old hometown.

Seamus was a vampire and Vivian was a little bat. I made the bat hat on the road between Roanoke, Va and Knoxville, Tn. Thomas made the bat dress, but he didn't get around to hemming the neckline and sleeve cuffs because the power went out before he could finish. Still, I think she looks pretty cute with her chubby cheeks. Seamus made an awesome and scary vampire.

We're really enjoying our visit to Tennessee, but I have to say I feel a little guilty having power, heat, water and a halloween when all of my Jersey and New York friends are still in the dark and cold.

We'll be in Tennessee at least through the weekend, maybe longer if our power is still out.
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