Thursday, August 2, 2012

Out and About

We've been driving around the back roads of our area lately, looking at the old homes and farms, staring at the cornfields, watching for deer and stopping at the little self-serve farm markets to buys fresh cheese and eggs (we've been letting up a bit on our vegan-through-the-week-diet).
So when we drove past the ruins of the Bethlehem Baptist Church the other day, I made a mental map of exactly which roads we took to get there and decided to visit it a few days later.
It was a melancholy kind of place but beautiful. There's a whole ecosystem growing inside that church now, and you can smell the wet earth when you lean into the windows.
Also in my head is the quickest route to downtown Clinton, my favorite little town in our area. It's only three miles from our town and is chock full of Victorian houses and cute local shops.
There are several coffee shops, a book store and at least one antique store, but people come from all over to see the waterfall and old mill.
Oh, and there's ice cream in Clinton, which is one of my favorite reasons to visit.
I love getting to know a new place.


little macaroon. said...

You've moved to SUCH a beautiful area, I wish I could come visit!

swanski said...

So happy you love your new surroundings! Beautiful!

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