Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last Days of Summer

Tomorrow is the first day of classes at the college where I teach (this semester I have two online composition courses), and next week, Seamus begins kindergarten. We've been gathering back-to-school supplies, and I've been narrowing down which fall sweaters and accessories I'll be knitting our family over the coming weeks.
Over the past few days, we've really been soaking up the last dregs of summer.
Today, Seamus and I built a toad house using this tutorial as our inspiration.
I also baked a big batch of chocolate cherry blondies (recipe in the latest issue of Everyday Food).
Thomas has been pouring over the property with his walking stick and tree field guide trying to identify our trees.
We've had visitors on our doorstep...
We've been looking for salamanders at sunset...
Vivian has been walking holding onto the furniture. I can't believe I have a seven-month-old who can do this.
And we've been generally enjoying the last few days of warm weather and afternoon thunderstorms.
In the mornings, when I'm outside with my cup of tea I can fill a chill in the air. I'll miss summer, but I can't wait for fall.


little macaroon. said...

Gulp! Mine starts 'big school' next week, I can't believe it! (though in contrast with you, we haven't really had a summer. Yesterday we had fog so thick we couldn't see the top of church spires.)

Lydia said...

Still, I'd rather be in the UK than here. It's one of my favorite places.

swanski said...

I love when school starts! Have fun with the first day of kindergarten and take a photo!!!

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