Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy 7 Months!

Month seven seemed to fly by for us, and for Vivian it brought a couple of new milestones.
This month Vivvers began creeping--rocking back and forth in the crawling position. And although she assumes the perfect crawling position and can actually crawl a few steps, she's still mostly scooting on her belly and pulling herself around with her arms like a soldier. Between rolling and scooting, Vivian gets around our place pretty quickly.
This month she also began pulling herself up to stand. She mostly does this in her crib, but over the past few days she's been pulling to stand on the couch and on me. I don't think it will be long before she starts cruising.

Other new developments this month include:

A whole new vocabulary of vowel-consonant combinations

Squealing and yelling

Picking up tiny objects with thumb and forefinger

Sitting up from a lying down position (she does this by pushing herself onto her side first)

Greater ease and control eating solid foods and drinking from a cup

A new found desire to get into EVERYTHING and to do so at an alarmingly quick rate

This last item on the list has led to Vivian trying to get into her dresser drawers. If I pull the drawer open slightly, she can open it the rest of the way and pull all of her clothes and diapers out. This delights her to no end.
The other day I took one of my old purses and filled it with toys and baby-safe items with interesting textures and sounds such as: scarves, ribbons, rattles and spoons. Vivian spent a good hour going through the bag and examining and chewing everything.
Seamus and Vivian continue to grow closer and closer. There doesn't seem to be any rivalry or jealously on Seamus's part at all. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely been a challenge for Seamus having a new sibling, but he mostly directs any anger or negativity he has at me (and from what I've read this is totally normal).
As far as Vivian goes though, he is helpful, doting and playful with her and always wants to hold her, kiss her and hug her. Vivian absolutely thinks the world of Seamus and is constantly craning her neck to see where he is and what he's doing. She spends a lot of time laughing at him and climbing all over him.


house full of jays said...

Oh my! Has she ever grown!?! She is looking so much like her big brother in these photos. Vivian is beautiful. xoR

suzy bomgardner said...

Aww... chick, you have such adorable little people. So happy your move went well and that your family is so sweet and happy!

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