Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy 6 Months!

Vivian is six months old! I doesn't feel at all like half a year has passed since she was born. At six months Vivian can sit with greater confidence and rarely falls over any more, and she's on the verge of crawling all over the place.

She's only managed to crawl forward for a few moments a couple of times, and she can crawl backwards fairly well, but each day she grows more certain in her movements. Lately, she's been tucking her knees under and assuming the perfect crawling position, but still her favorite way to get around is to roll.

This month I introduced the sippy cup. Although she can hold it pretty well, it took V awhile to learn how to suck the water out. It's funny watching a breastfed baby deal with a cup; she always tries to nurse it first.

I also introduced solids this month, and Vivvers was oh, so happy to eat meals just like the rest of us. I've been giving her small bowls of brown rice cereal at breakfast and small bowls of vegetables at dinner. (She's still nursing all day, so I don't give her a huge amount of food.) I try to always fed her with the rest of us, so she falls into our same meal routine. So far Vivvers has tried cereal, peas and green beans. Peas are her favorite.

This month has been a language boom for Vivvers. She's added quite a few consonants to her repertoire of vowels. She can make the D, N and H sounds, and she's working on the F sound. Some of her favorite phrases are: nay-nay, day-day, da-da, a da-da Hi die-die and hay-hay.

She's also found a new love of toys and books this month, and now that she's more mobile she can play with them in different ways.
Unfortunately, her absolute favorite toy belongs to big brother, and he doesn't like to share it. Awhile back, actually before I ever had kids, I knitted a couple of nautiloids. When Seamus was born they became his.
A few weeks ago he gave Vivian the pink one, but she prefers his green and yellow one.

This month also brought a new pediatrician. Since we've moved our old pediatrician in Hoboken is just too far away. This time we've decided to go with a family practice; this way we can all see the same doctor. I was very pleased with our first visit last week. Here are V's stats:

16 lbs. and 13oz.

25 1/2 inches long

Breastfeeding every 2-3 hours

Eating 1-2 small meals of solid food a day

Napping twice a day now: a short morning nap and a loooong afternoon nap

It seems each month also brings new nicknames for Vivian, although Vivvers is the main one. This month brother has been calling Vivian: Little Dover, Vivvers-yin and Dovers-yin.


swanski said...

She is a beauty and I cannot believe how quickly is growing!!

Lori ann said...

oh what a doll, i want to hug my computer. darling photos of your little viwers!

Ellen said...

She is so sweet! And seems like a very placid, happy baby too. Love how she purses her lips in some of the photos. And love too...the loooong nap!

I like all the hardwood flooring you have in your new home.

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