Monday, June 25, 2012

The Columbia Trail

To our family weekends are for hiking. So this past Saturday we tracked down a trail close to our house.

Screw GPS, we prefer getting lost the old school way...

We began the Columbia Trail in High Bridge, New Jersey. Even though it's a much better bicycle trail, there are several trail off-shoots that lead to the Raritan River and Solitude Falls, and you could never get there by bike.


There were also quite a few of these trail side gnome homes that you might miss if you weren't walking.

Hiking and nature exploring is Seamus's favorite kind of fun, and on this hike we couldn't help but notice how much Vivian seemed to enjoy it as well. She was completely silent for the first half of the hike and kept leaning back in her baby carrier to stare up at the trees.

We drove home on old country roads with windows down and came home tired and sweaty. I rolled out the pizza dough I'd made the day before and used the leftover tomato sauce cooked up earlier in the week, and we had a great little pizza for dinner. Then we stayed up late watching a creature feature. It was the perfect kind of Saturday.

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