Saturday, May 5, 2012

Home Again

While in Tennessee, we visited my childhood home of Cumberland Gap. The last time I was there was when T and I got married nearly eight years ago. My childhood was full of creeks and trees, ring snakes, box turtles, cow pastures and long hikes. For a long time my family rented a farm on top of a mountain, which was full of blackberry brambles and animal paths in the woods. We moved to another town in Tennessee when I was 13. This new town was lovely, but didn't hold nearly the magic that Cumberland Gap held. My father is a biology professor and works at a university near Cumberland Gap. So, when it we visited Tennessee, we decided to drive into work with my father one day. We figured it would be fun for S to see Grandpa's wildlife labs and we could get a little hiking in while we were there. I was also looking forward to seeing all those old, familiar places of my childhood again.
This is where T and I got married. Behind this old Spring House is a stone amphitheater; we were wed on the stage. We had my mom snap a picture of our family standing in the exact spot where T and I exchanged our vows.
T made S a bracelet from the weeping willow branches in front of the Spring House.
Then we went hiking. We followed an old park service trail on the campus where my father teaches. It was full of newly hatched crickets and grasshoppers that jumped with every step we took, making a noise a lot like rain on leaves.
S found some Old Man's Beard on a branch, and later he found a few fossilized shells.
It was Vivvers's first hike.
Before leaving town, we stopped by an old observation tower I used to play in as a child. This is also on the campus where my father teaches. I spent many days in here hiding treasures in the stone walls.
On the way out of town, we drove down the gravel road that lead to our old farmhouse. About half way up the mountain there's a no trespassing sign; so we couldn't see my childhood home.
This is probably just as well, since I've heard the house has been torn down and a new horse farm has taken its place. Still, if was nice and strange being back on that same road, riding along with the windows down and listening to the creek I used to fish in when I was six. We had a great time in Tennessee, but this was one of my favorite days by far.


Lori ann said...

i really believe you can go home again, even if it is different in ways. love the idea of taking a family photo in the place you were married. you are all so cute!

Ellen said...

I agree with Lori- taking a picture in the same spot is very romantic and will make for a wonderful memento. You grew up in a very pretty place!

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