Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy 5 Months!

I'm a little more with it this time and actually posting Vivian's monthly update right on schedule. Five months is such a fun age. Vivian's personality is really shining through with lots of smiling and babbling and an insatiable curiosity. This month Vivian is into everything, and no one's eyeglasses are safe. She's attached to my hip most of the day, and I've had to start putting her down to eat and drink because before I know it she'll attack my food and spill my water. Because of this, she's earned a new nickname from S: the Grabber.

She won't have a pediatrician appointment until next month; so I don't have accurate weight and height measurements this month, but if I stand on our home scale with her, it looks like she weighs about 18 pounds. She seems big for her age to me with a long body and rolly-polly legs.

She reached a big milestone this month and learned to sit unassisted.

She's also trying in earnest to crawl and to sit up from a lying down position.

She's still nursing every two-three hours, but she's stopped sleeping through the night. She wakes at 4 o'clock on the dot every morning to nurse and then promptly falls asleep on her side. In fact, she's gone from a back sleeper to a side sleeper. This worries me a little, but there's no keeping her on her back any more.

You can't see it in the pictures, but this month Vivian's hair started coming in a little thicker, and the new hair is golden blond. Her roots are blond and her tips are brown. Perhaps she'll be a cotton top like her papa was when he was little.

This month has also brought loads of laughs and smiles directed at big brother. These two are growing closer every day and will be in cahoots before we know it.

For awhile now, I've thought Vivian looked exactly like T, but lately I've been seeing my side of the family in her face as well. In the picture below, I can see echoes of my brother and my aunt Becky, and sometimes she smiles a certain way and looks just like my cousin Lucy.


Swanski said...

I cannot believe she is 5 months old already! She looks like such a happy baby :)

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures, Lyd! Both little ones are so cute! I miss you bunches!


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