Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Seamus pretends to be Paul McCartney.

Vivian begins to smile and laugh.

Mama gets new vintage glasses.

Kiki falls asleep in his food bowl.

S and I bake Coconut Thumbprint Cookies with Salted Caramel for T for Valentine's Day.

S and T are Wolverine and Cyclops.


Wendy said...

The Paul McCartney look is right on. Oooh those baby smiles!
Kitty asleep in the food is hilarious.
Your new glasses are fabulous!

Jen said...

1. Seamus makes an awesome Paul.

2. Those pics of Little Viv are so adorable.

3. I was asking myself, "Did the cat fall asleep in its bowl?! No! That can't be." Then I saw your remark. How cute.

4. Those cookies look delicious. :-)

5. LOVE your new specs!

6. Your guys make perfect X-Men. ;-)

Swanski said...

I cannot decide what photo I like best! The cat one is hilarious. Love your glasses, S looks like a young Paul M., Baby is cute as ever!!!

Ellen said...

I love your little girl's squinty face outside - the sun must be just a bit too bright for her. Love those new glasses! Did you cut your hair too?

Lori ann said...

how adorable, every one of you. i'm so glad to see all is well, and thriving there!

Lydia said...

Nope. My hair is still long; it's just all pinned back in that photo. But it's about to go.

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