Friday, January 6, 2012

Special Delivery

Yesterday the Gwyn Family received a special delivery from one of my very favorite bloggers, Lori Times Five.

Lori is an amazing photographer and master knitter. Check out this recent post of some of my favorite of her photos. Lori's blog is full of lush and breathtaking photos, scrumptious hand knits and beautiful words. I was so happy to come across it through the Wednesday Yarn-Alongs hosted by Small Things, and I've been a devoted reader ever since.

Lori sent my sweet Vivian an adorable pink ruffle-bottomed onesie and some super-cute socks to go with. This summer my girl will be the cutest ballerina I know. She also sent along this adorable kitten, which Mr. S has taken on as his own.

But according to S the most exciting item in this special delivery were the Bubbles of Steel. S has had so much fun with these unbreakable bubbles...he's asking to go outside with them constantly.

Thank you Lori for such a special and thoughtful surprise! You made our day.


little macaroon. said...

my gosh! Yarn Along is the best linky EVER, and thank goodness Lori is there every week ;0)

Lydia said...

You said it sister!

Lori ann said...

yippee! i'm so glad! i had a dream it never made it, the vintage address label i attached to the box wasn't properly adhered, i was going to do it at the p.o.
then on the morning i was going to send it chuck asked if i'd like him to mail anything and i handed him your box. it wasn't until much later that i remembered! and i've had small heartattacks since. i mean every small boy really needs bubbles of steel!
i'm so glad you like your surprise, i loved the little pink bamboo onesie, it's the softest thing ever!

congratulations and much love,

Lydia said...

That bamboo onesie is amazing. Thomas says he wants all his shirts to be bamboo now. Thanks Lori!

Swanski said...

What a lovely surprise!!! I think Vivian is going to look super lovely this season :)

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