Monday, January 16, 2012


Today begins week two of my being on my own with two kids. It was a little difficult at first giving everyone the attention they need while also making sure the house wasn't too upside down and dinner was on the table every night. But by the end of the week our own rhythm began to emerge. I've also begun teaching an online composition course from home and even though my students have lots of assignments due, I'm still finding this new life of ours a little easier and a lot more enjoyable than our old life of full-time jobs and long commutes. Yesterday I nursed and did housework most of the day, but I also read several chapters of a good book, knitted, made a yummy apple cake and even got a bit of writing done. Today, S and I have been learning about Martin Luther King, working on his handwriting and reading. We still have puzzles, crafts and yoga on our list of things to do before dinner.

I still find it difficult keeping up with all the house work and keeping S entertained all day while also tending to Vivian's needs, but it gets easier everyday, and S has been a wonderful help fetching things for me when my hands are full, helping to soothe Vivian when she's fussy. He always seems to know just why she's crying even when I don't.

As for S, he's been adjusting fairly well. He adores his sister. The only problem we're having is his not minding me as well as he used to, but he's getting better.

Seamus and Vivian grow closer everyday. Her eyes follow him around the room, and he can't stop kissing the top of her head.

P.S. Thanks to my aunt Vivian for the adorable onesie she sent to her namesake.


Lori ann said...

Oh Lydia you do make the most beautiful children. So much to look forward to, so manymilestones to reach, it's all so exciting.
I think at first two can feel like twenty, but soon you'll start feeling like a very competent fourarmed mama. Handling it all with grace. Most days, but there will always be those 'others' , so always always, be kind to yourself.

Love the photos, hi babies! (Seamus is still a baby to me!)

Swanski said...

It sounds like you are getting lots down for only week two! Isn't it nice when brother and sister like each other-it makes for a blissful day. I am amazed you are teaching an online course---go you!

Jen {Wife, "Mom", Knitter} said...

Sounds like you're getting into a groove with S and Little V.

By the way, love the last shot of Vivian. It looks like she's shouting, "HURRAY!"

little macaroon. said...

Well done Lydia - you sound like you're figuring out your new routine wonderfully, and you deserve all the praise you're getting (I remember REALLY needing and valuing any praise that came my way in the early days, it's vital for the new mum psyche) I like Lori's image of a competent fourarmed mama - makes me think of those Hindu goddesses with loads and loads of arms ;0)

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