Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week 36

Sorry for the long blog silence. We've been busy with Thanksgiving and relatives all week. My parents are in town, and I've hardly been on the computer since.

Here I am last week at week 36. I'm at the point where regular clothes that used to work just fine for maternity don't fit at all now and many of my maternity clothes are getting tight. I had to pair this dress with jeans because it was just too short in the front.

Week 36 Highlights:

*Another surprise baby shower at work, this time from my knitting circle. I love those ladies and will miss them while I'm on leave.

*All the pieces are falling into place with work. It looks like I'll get a six month leave and be able to return to work part-time, working weekends and one weekday.

*Lots of sweet moments with both of my guys. Snuggly mornings in bed, fun at the park, yummy Saturday dinners at our favorite diner.

*Anticipating my parents' visit and counting the days until they'll be here.

*Baby seems SO big now. I love feeling little legs stretching and feet in my side. Lots of hiccups these days too.

Week 36 Lowlights:

*Regular old discomforts of pregnancy increasing during these last few weeks. Lots of pressure and belly button pain, indigestion, round ligament pain, more contractions, varicose vein pain.

Despite the complaining, I still LOVE being pregnant.


Jen {Wife, "Mom", Knitter} said...

You are one beautiful pregnant lady!

Lydia said...

Thanks Jen! I've been feeling rather frumpy lately, esp. since nothing fits and I only feel like wearing pajamas most of the time.

Lori ann said...

are you done working now? i hope so, i think you ought to be able to stay in your pj's all the time now. ooh the time is so close!

you look beautiful mama!

Swanski said...

You look stunning, Lydia! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday!!

little macaroon. said...

Frumpy? The fact that you have shoes and lipstick on... and that they match and look fabulous... well, I think that's amazing at 36 weeks!

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