Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 33

*Snow in October! A record-breaking snow storm hit our region, with some areas seeing up to 18 inches of snow at the beginning of fall. My little town only got about an inch or two. This is a highlight for me, even though it was a slushy mess and over 1 million people in our region lost power. The snow was beautiful, and I don't think I've ever seen it so soon in the season. Also, our town was very lucky. Even though we had some downed limbs and trees, no one lost power and the weather very quickly warmed up.

*My sweet mom ordered me a new maternity pillow that arrived at the beginning of week 33. Now that I'm well into week 34 I can tell you the maternity pillow is one of the best pregnancy inventions ever. I'm sleeping soundly through the night, only getting up for the bathroom and not because I'm in pain. AND every bit of hip and back pain I'd been experiening is now totally gone. It's also been great for propping up my legs and helping with my varicose veins.

*Baby is still moving around like crazy and now responds when you scratch his/her back by arching that little back up and closer to your fingers, just as S used to. The whole family has been having fun with this new little trick.

*T and S have been treating me like a queen. Fetching things for me, giving me lots of hugs and kisses and generally making me feel special all day long.


*The only lowlight I can think of is having to pay $80 for a maternity coat, even though I'll only need it for seven or so more weeks. I'd tried oversize non-maternity coats but they just didn't work and my old workhorse Marmot (which is the warmest coat I've ever owned) won't even zip over my belly. The problem with maternity coats is they aren't warm and they're usually cheaply constructed out of polyester and rayon, which won't cut it in these extreme Northern winters. But if I layer and layer the coat I purchased works out ok. Fortunately, real winter temps shouldn't hit NJ until after the babe is born, and then I can go back to my trusty Marmot.

T took these photos in our backyard at the last minute. We had a busy week 33 and forgot to take belly photos on our usual Sunday. While my photo was being taken, Mr. S was running around the yard looking for evey available metal surface to attach his new Bakugan toys to. I should say new-to-him toys. A co-worker gave me a small bag of toys her boys no longer played with, as if we needed more toys in our small apartment.


Swanski said...

How fantastic that a pillow can cure most of your ailments, truly ingenious! I am glad you are feeling better and as always you look beautiful!

Lydia said...

Thanks Karen! I may have to sleep with that pillow even after the baby is born. Too bad it takes up most of the bed.

Lori ann said...

oh how wonderful of your mom, i'm so glad the pillow is working a charm for you. t and s are angels, i'm so glad for you there too. and yes, beautiful and glowing!

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