Thursday, October 13, 2011

Week 30!

Woo hoo! 30 weeks down and only 10 more to go (I hope).

Highlights this week:

*Celebrating my 34th birthday with my guys
*Receiving an unexpected birthday gift from a dear friend and co-worker: a beautfiul teapot with a handknit (by my friend) tea cozy
*Feeling lots of baby movement. Baby seems to respond to my voice and always to S's voice.
*Meditating everyday and learning to focus on deep breathing and releasing tension--hope I'll be able to use this in labor.
*Seeing a deer at the Great Swamp and standing just a few feet away from him
*Miso soup and rice (a $3 lunch in NYC) with a friend at our favorite Korean restaurant

Lowlights this week:

*Need more sleep! I'm tired all the time, but when bedtime comes I can't sleep. I can't get comfortable, moving and repositioning all night is awkward and I must get up to pee a million freakin' times.
*Wrestling with the big decision about whether or not to quit my job. I want to be home with my kids more than anything, but need the insurance that my job provides. And frankly my income is more than my husband's. It'll be a big financial blow if I do this, and I'll have to work from home to supplement our income.
*Feeling Braxton-Hicks contractions. Midwife says this is caused by stress and is a sign from my body to take it easy and that I should sit down and drink some water and relax every time I have one. Too bad they always happen at work.

Midwife Update:
My Monday midwife visit was great. My glucose test was perfect and my iron levels are very high (surprising since I don't eat meat). Baby's heartbeat is great. I gained two more pounds in as many weeks. My uterus is measuring small--28cm instead of 30cm--but Rachel, my midwife, thinks this is because babe is positioned longitudinally in my uterus. She asked me to come back next week to double-check measurements. This worries me a little because I measured small for weeks with S and then ended up being induced due to low amniotic fluid. But my midwife is not worried at all, just wants to play it safe. So I'm trying not to worry as well. Have I mentioned how much I love my midwives and their practice. I do! I love them. They seem like family when I visit them.

T took these pictures of me at the Great Swamp on Saturday. That was a perfect day I'll remember forever.


Lori ann said...

you look beautiful. i'm glad for the hightlights and sorry for the not so. work is a tough one. perhaps you can just take an extended leave. or share your job. for what its worth, i would stay home, these first years don't come again.

and would you believe i've never recieved a hand knit gift? how lovely of your friend. yay for the midwives, so much more than just a job.

take care dear.

Lori ann said...

did you see you won the giveaway at

hurry and go claim it, she will pick a new name if she doesn't hear from you!


Lydia said...

Thanks Lori! I'm leaning in the direction of being poor for awhile and spending a few years with my kids. I can always work again, but my kids will never be this age again.

I saw the contest this morning and contacted Ellen right away. Can't believe I actually won something!

Someone needs to knit you a Christmas gift.

Swanski said...

You are gorgeous!! I hope you get some much needed rest when you go to bed. I forgot about those days.. A $3 lunch in NYC is amazing. Lucky you. Congrats on being a winner :)

little macaroon. said...

You look so beautiful! Yummy Mummy!

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