Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week 29

Phew! Made it just in time for week 29's post--week 30 has been a busy one!

Highlights this week:
*Seeing the shape of little feet pressing against my belly
*Feeling even more and even stronger movements from baby
*Getting to drink 15 oz. of orange juice for my glucose test instead of that nasty artificial orange crap you usually have to drink
*Enjoying my last week of being 33 years old
*Lazy days, baking, knitting and playing in the park with my boys

Lowlights this week:
*Finding out the college where I work denied my year-long maternity leave because I'm 6 weeks shy of getting my tenure
*Using nearly every pillow in the bed (that'd be five) just to keep comfortable while sleeping
*Heartburn from 10am until bedtime every day
*Aching hips

T took these pictures of me at our favorite park on a brisk fall Sunday. I must apologize for my hairdo--the result of unwashed hair and a lazy mama. Had I know it looked like a rooster when I left the house that day I would have just put it in a pony tail. Regardless, we had a wonderful day, swinging at the playground, looking for fall leaves and running around the park.


little macaroon. said...

I'm enjoying my last week of being 32 (although I had to check as I couldn't 100% remember my age... is that just me?!) Hope you have a great day next week.

Oh, and those last 3 lowlights, ugh I remember those SO well. Hard luck about the mat leave - that's a real bummer.

house full of jays said...

Sorry to hear about your mat leave!

Have you tried peppermint essential oil for the heartburn? It saved me from drinking bottles of gaviscon. A drop rubbed a couple of inches below my sternum - or wherever I felt the heartburn helped a lot. Peppermint might also help with the hip pain - I'm getting some hip pain now and have been rubbing on peppermint oil...just don't get it in your eyes or you'll feel the cool burn there, too! ;)

Happy almost your birthday!

Swanski said...

happy almost birthday! Bummer about the maternity your university unionized? Maybe you can find out more thru the union. So sorry about the heartburn but you look fabulous :D

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