Monday, October 3, 2011

Muffin Monday

Happy fall y'all!

This morning S and I made pumpkin muffins using this recipe!

Fall and winter are my most productive times in terms of baking and knitting. Something about cool air and sweaters and falling leaves makes me want to stay in my kitchen all day. Anyone else do this?


Mary said...

They look yummy! You may get your Fall-in-the-kitchen mood from your raisin'. I always felt like baking in cool weather. Of course, when we lived in that drafty farm house, we baked to heat the house up! Still, nothing like the smell of baking on a cold Fall or Winter day.

Love you,

little macaroon. said...

they look lovely! I agree about autumn triggering more vigorous homemaking - why else would I have made a batch of cinnamon swirls this evening? (and it was 32C here today, so it's not even getting cool, but autumn must be in my genes!)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Lydia,I've been making homemade pumkin bread,cakes,and now apple butter and sweet potatoes to use to. It's getting much cooler here 34 this morning we turned on the fireplace.... Love the fall.

Love and miss all!

house full of jays said...

Sounds like me! I love a fall baking spree.

Swanski said...

I have pumpkin on my list to buy! I am hoping I get something baked today.

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