Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lazy Sundays

Lately our Sundays together have been so wonderful and relaxing, mostly because we have nothing in particular planned and just hang around our apartment baking and making things, playing and acting silly and maybe venturing out to the park.

I've had a million things going on simultaneously the past few weeks and big, life-changing decisions to make regarding working with the new baby and maternity leave. That, and work has been hectic and crazy as it always is at the start of the fall semester. All this coupled with the fact that I'm really tired these days and super-duper hormonal has me feeling overwhelmed. But our lazy Sundays always unwind all of that.

This Sunday was especially nice because it was finally cool enough to wear sweaters to the park. So we bundled up, after a full morning and most of an afternoon of kicking back in our apartment, and headed to our favorite park. The leaves were still mostly green but we found a few yellow Sweet Gum leaves on the ground. The squirrels and groundhogs were busy, busy, busy and there were a few straggler migratory birds still hanging around.

After chasing a few squirrels and playing in some very small piles of leaves, S was ready for the playground. He's really enjoyed swinging lately, something he never had the patience for in the past, but this kid could swing for hours now.

Me and T enjoyed swinging for a bit too. I love how I still get that ticklish feeling in my stomach when I swing really high. I told S the baby probably loved feeling me swing too, and he got a kick out of that and wanted to know what the baby was saying. He's convinced the baby talks if you put your ear to my belly.

I can't wait to come back to this park in a couple of weeks and play in all the fallen leaves.


Swanski said...

The playground looks like a nice play to get outdoors. Love the photo of the squirrel.

Lori ann said...

what sweet family photos of all of you, your husband looks so nice, and little s so happy on the swings. it's so pretty where you live, a relief from the city i bet. i'm glad you had a chance to rest on the weekend.
love your photos, these are great lydia. take good care.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Gum, not "Sugar Gum."


Lydia said...

Ooops! Thanks, T...I'll fix that now.

Lydia said...

Thanks Lori! There are parts of our town that are truly beautiful, but for the most part it's pretty urban and there are very few trees. We hang out at the park a lot.

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