Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

My 34th birthday was Tuesday of last week, but we celebrated it on Saturday since our weekday schedules are so chaotic. We have a birthday tradition in our family: the birthday person gets to sleep in, receives breakfast in bed when they wake up, can request the family make them any cake they desire and gets to chose that day's event.

So after sleeping in until 9am, my boys woke me up with breakfast in bed. Croissants, strawberries, bananas, an apple danish and a tall glass of orange juice.

Then we all headed to the Great Swamp. We'd never been there in the fall and it was gorgeous with red, gold and orange everywhere but plenty of green still left too.

We saw the usual suspects:

And played Boardwalk Bingo, finding nearly all the animals and plants on our game piece. Afterward, S was asked to be a Junior Park Manager and is now working toward earning his badge.

Then we had lunch at a little Mexican restaurant right outside the refuge area.

For the cake T made me a Devil's Food Cake from an old, maybe 1940s, recipe. I was surprised with the birthday gift of a new Kitchen Aide Mixer a few days earlier, and it was T's first time using it. We'll never lament the fact that we won't have to cream butter and sugar by hand again. Although T did make homemade whipped cream by hand but only because he prefers to do it that way.

T's cake was beautiful and incredibly scrumptious. It was so rich S and I had to share a piece. Usually I can woof down a couple of slices of cake with no problem, but this stuff was decadent!

We spent the next day at our favorite park, watching the diving birds catch fish...


and looking for fossils...


Lori ann said...

happy birthday dear lydia :)
your day sounds perfect, i'm so happy for you. my cake looks exactly like that too, total yummyness. well done to your guys.
i love all your photos, you really have a good eye.

oh and good luck to little s, and getting his jpm badge. so sweet.

Swanski said...

Happy birthday! That cake looks awesome and I love the wildlife that you photoed on your outing. May you have many blessings in the coming year!!

Lydia said...

Thanks Lori and Karen!

house full of jays said...

Happy birthday, Lydia!
You always have such great wildlife photographs!

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