Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yarn-Along Wednesday

Joining Ginny from Small Things this week for another Wednesday Yarn-Along; check out her blog to see what others are knitting and reading this week.

On the Needles: The Diplodocus Sweater is nearly done! I've just about finished the body and have only the sleeves left to knit. Last week I mentioned the trouble I had with the colorwork puckering around the dinosaurs, and I'd read that this could be fixed with a good blocking (or two). The ladies in my library knitting circle suggested I just rip it out and start over, but I decided, and maybe I'll regret this, to just keep knitting and see what happens with blocking. The pattern has been so much fun to knit; if blocking doesn't fix it I don't mind knitting it again.

Off the Bookshelf:I've not been reading much for myself lately. I've been so tired during my commute that I knit for awhile and then fall asleep on the train. The only reading I've been getting in is Spiritual Midwifery, which I've been reading at night before I fall asleep, and the books I've been reading to Mr. S. We came across this great book of stories illustrated by Eloise Wilkin in a clearence bin last week. I'd never heard of Eloise Wilkin, but I couldn't resist the $5 bargain especially when I started flipping through the pages.

Her illustrations are amazing. Most of the stories in this collection were published in the 50s. And even though the stories are a little young for S, we both really enjoy reading them and looking at the beautiful illustrations.


Spinneretta said...

It looks great :) I hope the blocking works well (it seems to do all right for fair isles...)
Typically puckering comes when your carried yarn is a little tight- Elizabeth Zimmerman had a technique for that- which involved her pushing her stitches on her right needle further over so as to stretch that carried yarn just a little more. Not that it is useful knowledge now :/

Lori ann said...

your knitting looks totally fabulous! if i were you i wouldn't point out any (percieved) flaws, as most people would never notice.

if your wool is of different weights when your doing colorwork that can cause puckering too. but i think it's going to block beautifully, well done!

LOVE ina may and eloise wilkins, i'm glad you discovered her charm.

little macaroon. said...

the jumper looks stunning, my daughter would ADORE it! But I've never learned to knit colour patterns :/

I wouldn't have noticed any puckering either, and blocking will surely make a great deal of difference. Can't wait to see it finished!

Swanski said...

You have made a lot of progress on the sweater, the colors are great together. I love the book you photoed!!!

pinkundine said...

That sweater pattern is amazing, I love it! I'm sure blocking will help with the puckering, I see no reason why it wouldn't ;)

Lydia said...

Thanks ladies! I hopeful the blocking will work.

Sprinneretta--Thanks so much for the advice! I'm hooked on color knitting now and will follow that advice to the letter next time.

house full of jays said...

Oh that book looks gorgeous! What a great find!

Your sweater is so sweet. I'm hopeful the blocking will do the trick for you. Can't wait to see it on S!

KnitterMama said...

I absolutely love the stories by Eloise Wilkin and my kids (especially our daughter) love them too. There is one story in that particular book about helping "mommy" and she can not stop smiling while I am reading it to her. I also loved Spiritual Midwifery--it has been a couple years since I read it though... Your knitting is simply beautiful.

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