Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 27

Hello, hello and welcome to Week 27 of my pregnancy. This week was lovely in every way. The baby continues to move A LOT! Just as I typed that last sentence I felt a little leg stretch against my abdomen. And now that the babe should be over 2 pounds, I'm feeling it constantly. It's so wonderful to rub my belly and instantly feel a little butt or back or head; sometimes I can feel the whole length of his/her shape.

This week was particularly wonderful because we finally got to escape the city, after several weekends in a row of staying put. Last weekend we went hiking with friends from TN on a beautiful trail in the Delware Water Gap. Anytime we get to hike the Appalachian Trail we're happy...reminds us of home so, so much. And it was lovely to be around familiar faces, familiar accents and a happy couple who are getting ready to have their first baby. Look for more on our hike in tomorrow's post.

Even though fall isn't quite here yet, all of week 27 sure felt fallish. I wore sweaters, flannels and tights all week, and enjoyed my cool and windy morning walk to the train.

Speaking of hose rock! Or in my case opaque graduated compression tights rock. I've only purchased one pair so far, which I wash at the end of each day and hang up to dry (brings back sweet memories of my Nana when she was younger and her bathroom full of dripping panty hose). I wear them every workday, and have no pain from my varicose veins whatsoever until the end of the day when I peel them off. They were quite costly but well worth every penny I spent on them. I'm definitely buying an extra pair or two.

T took these pictures of me at the top of Kittatinny Ridge on our hike. That's Sun Fish Pond behind me, a 41 acre glacial lake that is considered one of the seven wonders of New Jersey.


Lori ann said...

lydia, it's so lovely you are having photos to document your pregancy, hugs to t. you look radiant as always, LOVE your foxy t, so cute!

it looks so pretty there, and must be a great change from the big city.

Swanski said...

Still looking good! I am about an hour or so away from DWG where you went exploring-pretty isn't it??? Haven't been there for ages.

Lydia said...

Thanks Lori Ann--I wish I could just pluck a little house right there in the middle of all that wilderness. It was so beautiful there!

Karen--I envy you living in PA. I love that state. It's always the best part of our road trips to TN. One day I'm going to venture out that way and start exploring.

Rapuncela said...

cool photos :)

Do you following me? I follow you :)

Lydia said...

Hi Rapuncela! I follow you now.

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