Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 26

Week 26 was a crazy week, not so much as far as pregnancy goes, but work-wise it was nuts! Normally, I'm able to leave the stress of my job behind when I get home, but this week was the second full week of the fall semester and the week that's always busiest for me. In week 26 I interviewed, hired and trained about 9 students aides. And I'm still not done filling all of the vacancies in my department. Don't get me wrong, I love meeting new students and getting to know them, but it is exhausting setting up interviews in between my normal meeting schedule (my library has A LOT of meetings). Between meetings, interviews, training students and setting up course reserves for tons and tons of professors (who always wait until classes have started to put their materials on reserve--even though we requested the materials back in the summer), I have been thoroughly useless when I come home. Luckily, this hectic pace usually only last the first 2-3 weeks of the semester, and I think the worst of it is behind me.

During all this, every member of the Gwyn Family came down with bronchitis. Since moving to the NYC Metro area three years ago, bronchitis is a seasonal ocurrence for all of us, even though none of us had ever had it before. Usually we get it in the spring and fall, although the first year here little S had it year round and had to start taking nebulizer treatments. Usually the guys come down with it first and have it for about a week, and then I come down with it and have it for about a month. And somehow it always coincides with the exact few weeks that I'm hiring and training student aides and have to do a lot of talking. Last year I ended up losing my voice for a few days. This year though it looks like my bronchitis is on the way out after only a week and half, but poor T still has it pretty bad and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. S is almost over his as well. We're all sick of coughing.

As far as pregnancy goes, I can see that my boobs and belly are eventually going to become one; my belly button may indeed pop this time; and it's going to be harder and harder for me to keep up my exercise routine. With the fall semester upon me, I'm a little more stressed out than I am the rest of the year, and being pregnant that means when I should be doing a little yoga or cardio before bed, I'm more likely to be curled up with a book and settling down. I've decided my body needs the rest and I'm only going to exercise a couple or three days a week now.

The baby is still moving around like crazy, even as I type this, and now that he/she is bigger I'm feeling and seeing little feet and fists a lot more. This is what makes me LOVE being pregnant. Every movement is amazing.

This week marked the first real smidge of fall air, then the temperatures went right back to the 90s. We're all excited about fall. S is thinking about a Halloween costume; I'm dreaming of pumpkin soup and pumpkin bread and apple cider; and T has been making a list of age-appropriate scary movies to watch for our family's annual Halloween slumber party. I'm happy to say so far week 27 has been full of fallish days and record low temperatures. I think it's safe to say good-bye to summer.


Lori ann said...

now i'm feeling a bit weepy, seeing your sweet little boy. i don't need to tell you how fast it goes...

you look so gorgeous! i think you can always tell women that love being pregnant, you are so so pretty!

i hope that bronchitis is gone today and your work load eases too, and i think rest is the best idea. be gentle with yourself, it's okay.

and...i can't believe it! you don't know the sex? are you waiting then?

am i sounding like your mother here? ;) (sorry!)

Lydia said...

Awww...thanks for the sweet words, Lori Ann.

Yep, we're waiting on the sex. We wanted to be totally surprised this time. I think we're driving our families crazy.

Lori ann said...

i'm so impressed! i sometimes feel like the last person who thinks it's best to wait and find out on the birthday. So exciting, good for you guys!

Swanski said...

You look great, as always!! I hope everyone is feeling better now.

Lydia said...

Thanks Karen! We're all better except for husband, who is pretty darn miserable. His bronchitis just won't go away.

stitchandpurl said...

Aw, I love all your bump pictures, such a great record. I tried to take pictures each week but didn't quite manage. Next time!
Hope the rest of the family is all well soon to enjoy the beginnings of autumn xx

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