Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week 24

This was a pretty great week overall. I found out that my insurance company will indeed cover midwives, and I made an appointment with a great group of midwives not to far from my town. I actually had a wonderful visit with them this morning, but you'll have to wait until week 25's post to hear that story.

This week I had some minor discomforts: More belly button pain, (I guess my uterus is having a growth spurt) and varicose veins on my thigh and also in a most intimate place (yes, where you're thinking). I never got varicose veins with S; so this is all new to me. They're quite painful at times even though they aren't that big or unsightly. Yet. I've been elevating my legs at night and looking into purchasing some old lady compression tights. I hope these go away after pregnancy.

The babe continues to move and kick and turn at all hours of the day and night. And S is growing even more in-love with my belly, hugging and kissing it all the time. He's also been coming up with baby names. He's not fond of the ones we've picked out. Here's his list of names:

Boy: Adam (as in Prince Adam), Smoky or Junior
Girl: Adora (as in Princess Adora), Penelope or Michaela

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