Thursday, August 25, 2011

Week 23

Week 23 was a little disappointing (but so far things are getting better in week 24). This was the week my insurance company told me that midwives were not a covered benefit. I'd been thinking of switching from my OBGYN group to a local group of midwives that deliver at a hospital fairly close to us and was starting to get excited about meeting with them when I thought I'd better first call my insurance company. I was so bummed out after talking to one of the Aetna representatives (who was a bit rude) and ended up crying in the bathroom at work. However, just this morning I heard from one of the midwives, who told me they did indeed work with my insurance company and that it was actually illegal for my insurance company to tell me that midwives weren't covered. They are very interested in talking to my insurance company now. She also told me that my first appointment would be free that way I could decide whether or not I want to switch to their practice. So, I'm calling today!

This may be my last baby, I hope not, but if it is I want the chance to deliver naturally with a midwife and not have to worry about fighting with the hospital staff over whether or not I can eat or drink, have to wear a monitor, can walk around, etc. Plus after reading all the stats on medical birth in the U.S. (we have the second highest maternal/infant mortality rate of all industrialized countries), I feel much safer with a midwife.

Also this week we discovered that the crib we were saving up for will not fit in our bedroom. So I had to cancel the mattress I'd just ordered for said crib, and now we're thinking of going with a mini-crib, which will very tightly fit into the space at the foot of our bed. I couldn't find any good eco-friendly options for the mini-crib, not like the Pacific Rim Crib I was saving my pennies for, but I did find a great organic cotton and wool mattress for it. The nice thing about the mini crib is that it converts to a twin size bed, which will save us money down the road.

This week was also the week I returned to work after a few refreshing days in Tennessee. It's always so hard to come back, and while I was gone one of my very favorite co-workers moved to California. I didn't even get a chance to say a proper good-bye to her, and I already miss her sweet face. She's also from the South, which means one less Southerner working at my library (There are only 6 of us out of 70 people). Cheryl, if you're reading this, you are sorely missed around here. Our knitting circle isn't the same without you.

T took these photos yet again at our favorite park. I always love it when Mr. S ends up in the background.


house full of jays said...

Ooo, that's exciting news about the midwives. I'm looking forward to hearing about that first appt!

Swanski said...

I hope your insurance company wakes up to what you want. You look so cute in your poses!!

Lydia said...

Thanks ladies! I really hope the midwives and my insurance work out.

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