Thursday, August 18, 2011

Week 22

I have to say week 22 was my very favorite week of pregnancy so far. We spent most of it in Tennessee with our shoes off and our feet in the grass or the creek or the lake. We were only there for four days (we spent that same amount of time driving there and back round trip), but we packed a lot in. We fished, hiked, visited with tons and tons of family members and camped out in Grandie and Grandpa's yard.

We ate lots of watermelon and roasted marshmallows and I drank a lot of Perrier because I'm craving beer like nobody's business...not that I drank a lot of beer to begin with, maybe one or two once a month. But knowing that I can't have something just makes me want it more. Lucky for me the fizziness of Pierre in a cold glass bottle did the trick.

This week S fell more in-love with my belly than he already was. He talks to the baby all the time, hugs my belly, kisses it, sings songs to it every night, yells at the baby trying to get him/her to kick his hand. And the baby is still a jumping bean, kicking and stretching and rolling over all the time. And now that you can feel its movement with your hand, the whole family has been enjoying my belly.

T took these pictures of me after a little hike we took with Grandpa around Norris State Park. I'm standing in front of the Grist Mill where T asked me to marry him 8 years ago.


Swanski said...

I bet the eight years have flown by! So glad your little baby to be is active and fun to be with. You look all baby to me!! (meaning you look skinny everywhere else)

house full of jays said...

Your Seamus is such a sweetie!! Oh my!
So glad you had a wonderful vacation!

Lydia said...

Ha! Swanski, we'll see what I look like come December.

Rachel, I have to agree with you on my boy. He's a thoughtful, sweet kid. Thanks!

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