Friday, August 19, 2011

First Fish

Seamus caught his first fish, a bluegill, while we were in Tennessee last week. I was happy to get a picture of the big moment, along with several other photos of our perfect day.
Grandie and Grandpa took us out to the lake in Clark Park in Oak Ridge, TN. My dad has a trout boat that Seamus loves to climb in and play in while whenever we visit, but this was his first time getting to actually ride in it and fish in it.

We went out on a Thursday and the weather was perfect with temperatures in teh low 80s and a light breeze blowing the whole time. Since it was the middle of the week there were very few other fishermen out and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. Great Blue Herons kept flying overhead and we saw a few ducks and quite a few turtles as well.
Everyone caught at least 10 fish (including Mr. S)...except me. I caught one measley bluegill which I released. This figures since I was the only vegetarian in the boat.

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