Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Surprise!

Grandie and Grandpa surprised us this 4th of July weekend by finding a last-minute cheap flight from TN to NJ. We were so excited to have them here for three days. We watched movies (The Fighter...which was incredible), played at the water park, ate lots of yummy diner food, drove out to Dover for a 4th of July potluck party and spent a day at the Great Swamp. There was lots of relaxing in between, and Grandie and Grandpa got just what they came up here for, quality grandparent time with Mr. S.

Here are some highlights of their visit...

Water park:

I made Banana-Split Whoopie Pies for the potluck party in Dover:

The Great Swamp:

Wild blueberries (or Huckleberries) were all over the swamp...we munched a few of course.

The exoskeleton of a dragonfly nymph

It was the loveliest visit...very relaxing with lots and lots of play time for Mr. S. Seamus was so happy to have two extra audience members, who'd also get down in the floor and play super heroes or dinosaurs and have tickle and pillow fights with him. He was very sad to see them leave when we dropped them off at the airport and kept wondering all night if they were in their plane yet or home in TN.

We miss you already, G and G!


house full of jays said...

What a special surprise! Looks like everyone had fun. Those whoopie pies looks amazing!!

Lydia said...

It was a lucky surprise for us, and we had a wonderful weekend with them.

Those whoopie pies were in the new issue of Bust Magazine. I think you can find a pdf of the recipe online. They're pretty rich though.

Anonymous said...

We had a blast! So glad it worked out that we got to come & spend time with all 3 of you! Miss you so much!


Anonymous said...

You somehow neglected to mention that Mr. S, when asked what movie he wanted watch for his slumber party, requested The Empire Strikes Back.

Mr. Papa

Lydia said...

Ha! Mr. T...I forgot S's request for The Empire Strikes was the highlight of your weekend.

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