Friday, July 8, 2011

Special Delivery: Pickle Dreams

I am one lucky lady to have such sweet and thoughtful friends. One of my dearest friends from Tennessee sent me a surprise box of pickled okra. Six jars!

So far this has been my biggest pregnancy craving, and I've not been able to find decent okra up North, let alone okra that someone else has already pickled and canned for me. My farmer's market and CSA friends said hardly anyone grows okra in our region. I guess it just doesn't do well up here.

So you can imagine my complete and utter happiness when I opened the box on my door step to find these beauties:

And I'm bringing my boy up properly...he's a huge fan of pickled things too, but just like me I think pickled okra is now his favorite, surpassing dilly beans and pickled cucumbers. He and I nearly finished off an entire jar last night. Funny thing though, Mr. S keeps referring to them as "Pickled Oprah," and I just can't bear to correct him.

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