Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pregnancy: Week 17

Ugh. Week 17 was not so good to me. First off, this week was the first week I felt physically pregnant, as in "Hmmm. I could get into that yoga position last week. Why not now?" I've also had a lot of aching in my hips which means things are shifting and opening.

But all those little aches and pains are minor and nothing I can't deal with (just wasn't ready to experience them so early in my pregnancy). It's what followed the rest of the week that made it so bad. First, I thought I had a sinus infection and ended up with horrible, migraine-like pain in my whole head. I used the Neti pot repeatedly and the pain and pressure went away but I was left with stuffiness and chest conjestion. After noticing that everyone at work was experiencing the same symtpoms, I concluded I must have a cold. Thankfully it's mostly gone now.

A few days later I got a UTI. And then a few days after that I pulled the muscles on both sides of my lower back somehow. Probably not making the proper adjustments in my yoga routine, or it could be the mile long walk S and I take from his school to home during the week and all the bags I'm loaded down with at that time of the day.

Anyway, this week I'm still dealing with the UTI and the back pain, but the cold is nearly gone.

On a positive note, I've been feeling the baby move a lot lately. Soon I'll be able to feel it not only inside but with my hand on the outside. It's such a wonderful and reassuring feeling.

T took these photos at our favorite park. We spent that day eating ice cream, playing in the water park and looking for muscrats around the turtle pond. I just love it when S ends up in my belly pictures. He's all about hugging and kissing and talking to my belly every chance he gets.


Swanski said...

You have my sympathy, a UTI is not fun-at all. Glad you are feeling better and the park looks so lovely and sunny :)

Lydia said...

Somehow I missed your comment Swanski, until today. That UTI turned out to be a kidney infection. More on that later in the week.

The park was lovely though.

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