Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pregnancy: Week 16

Week 16 was lovely! We enjoyed a surprise visit from my parents, celebrated the 4th of July with friends out in Dover, ate lots of yummy diner food, hiked around the Great Swamp and I felt better than ever. Now that I'm in the midst of week 17 and have developed some sort of nasty sinus/allergy thing that's no longer the case...but we'll save that for week 17's post.

T snapped these picture of me at the park, right after we'd spent the day relaxing in the shade with my parents and watching Mr. S run and play in the water park. Aside from the Great Swamp, this park is one of our favorite summer hangouts. There are three (free) giant water parks, an enormous playground, competing ice cream trucks, a turtle pond, lots of wide-open fields for running and picknick areas for relaxing. Plus it's right by the bay and there are birds everywhere. All week I dream of sitting under a tree watching S play and talking to husband, with a melting vanilla cone in my hand.

Aside from still feeling tired all the time, week 16 was pretty great. I'm continuing to have fabulous dreams. I'm keeping a notebook next to my bed so I can write them all down before I forget them entirely. No more Bob Dylan or Squiggy dreams this week, but I did have another incredible labor dream. I don't know that I've mentioned it before but I've had about three very graphic and real dreams of being in labor, and each dream is so exciting and euphoric and blissful. This week's labor dream was just about the excitement of being a day or two over my due date and waiting for contractions to start, knowing that they could happen at any moment and being excited about meeting the new family member. There was also some pretty heavy-handed symbolism. At one point in the dream I was standing beneath a bird nest and could see and hear baby birds hatching from their eggs. I woke up before I went into labor in this one, but with the other dreams I was always in labor, and in one dream Thomas and I delivered the baby ourselves. In all of my labor dreams the baby has been a girl. Even though in waking life I always think of the baby as a boy. I love the excitement of not knowing.

We'll have to start a gender pole on this here blog.


house full of jays said...

You just look fantastic, Lydia! That belly is so cute. Fantastic and fabulous pregnancy dreams can be quite enjoyable - I especially love the dreams where suddenly the baby has just appeared, simple as anything, and I'm off to the grocery for ice cream sandwiches.
Hope your sinus issue clears up quickly!

Lydia said...

Thanks! I love my pregnancy dreams; I look forward to going to sleep every night.

You're almost there, yourself. I'm so excited for you and your family! And I'll be watching your your blog for the big news soon.

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