Monday, June 13, 2011

Pregnancy Week 13

We got another little glimpse of our wee bairn today. Our baby is 13 weeks and 2 days in the womb today and measuring right on schedule for my due date of December 19th.

Each time I've gotten a peak at this baby I've seen him or her stretching out their legs, and this time was more of the same. This baby likes to stretch out long. The nurse asked me if I'd just eaten, which I had, because she said the baby was busy opening and closing its mouth. She said my breakfast must have just reached the fetus.

This is my favorite ultrasound picture...a raised fist:

This ultrasound was a first trimester screening, even though technically I'm at the very beginning of week 14 and the second trimester. Hopefully, I won't have another ultrasound until the routine one at 20 weeks or so. After this screening I don't think I'll have any more diagnostic screening done. I'm not sure all these ultrasounds are so good for the fetus. Plus diagnostic screening is a little stressful and only adds to my worry.

I took some belly pictures a few days ago in the midst of week 13. Seamus kept accidentally getting into the picture with me, which I thought was quite appropriate.

I'm afraid to actually come out and say this, but I think my all-day sickness is beginning to subside. Fingers crossed. This week I was able to eat pasta and Chinese food, two things I've not been able to stomach even the thought of for three months now. I still get a touch of queasiness and some food aversions every now and then, but it's nothing like it was. Phew! Let's hope that's the end of nauseous days for me.

Still craving pickled things something fierce and my craving for salads has increased as well. I remember craving salads constantly with Seamus. T and I must have had Olive Garden's endless soup and salad once a week. Also, I've been eating lots of Ben & Jerry's. Pickles and ice cream...what a cliche.


Anonymous said...

You look great! I like the raised fist--maybe this one is getting ready for some sibling rivalry .

Love you!

Lydia said...

Thanks Mom! I've been very active with yoga, pilates and cardio with this pregnancy, not to metnion hiking. Aside from the nausea and the tiredness, I feel better than before I was pregnant.

There's sure to be sibling rivalry. I'm tryin to prepare Seamus but it's still going to be a big shock for him.

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