Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pregnancy: Week 12

And the pregnancy documentation begins...

Dear Readers,

If you noticed Seamus's Big News on here the other day, then you know the Gwyns are expecting. I just finished up week 12 of my pregnancy and am sailing on into week 13. My due date is December 19th.

The photo was taken on Sunday while we were in the swamp, and I was wearing my favorite Johnny Cash shirt...possibly for the last time. I've had that shirt for more than 10 years and bought it in a thrift store in Tennessee for $1. That's a gem I'll never find again, since vintage music shirts (esp. Johnny Cash) go for a pretty penny, and thrift stores in the North are completely picked over and much more expensive. I've lived in that shirt, slept in it, hiked in it, nursed a baby in it, had many lovely dates with T in it, and now it's so threadbare you can see my skin through it, and there are holes in the bottom seams. I can't bear to throw it away though and will wear it throughout this pregnancy until it falls apart. And then maybe I'll sew it into something. T and I have been thinking of making a quilt together for this new baby.

Anyhowish, as you can see I already have a bit of a pooch. I'm still in the beer belly phase of my pregnancy, where I just look really out of shape, but soon it'll be obvious. With Seamus I wasn't really showing much until 18-20 weeks, but with this one I've had a belly since week 6 and around that same time my jeans stopped buttoning up and I had to use the rubberband trick until I could buy some maternity jeans.

This pregnancy has been totally different than my first from the get-go. With Seamus I never had a moment of morning sickness or food aversions or moodiness. With this one I've had all-day sickness since week 6 and major food aversions. My belly is getting bigger but I've lost 4 lbs. this trimester because all I can eat is bread, cheese and fruit. I've stopped baking for the most part because it makes me nauseous, which means the family hasn't had a homemade pizza in weeks.

Seamus is very excited about this baby. Everyday he kisses my belly and hugs it and talks in a high-pitched squealy voice to the baby. Yesterday, he nearly tripped me over when we were walking home from his school and he suddenly hugged my belly in mid-stride and said, "No pee-peeing in there little baby." I had to explain amniotic fluid to him and that the baby will be doing a lot of pee-peeing in there and it's ok.

He has big plans for this baby and says he's going to help me change diapers, give baths and even make baby food. He's seen the commercials for the Baby Bullet food processor on Qubo and insists we need to buy one. He's also very concerned about the chocking hazards his smaller toys pose and is deciding now which toys will be safe and ok for the baby to play with. I know he's going to be a great big brother, but T and I are also bracing ourselves for the storm of jealousy that's sure to come when this little one comes along and our attention is divided.

I plan on documenting this pregnancy in greater detail than I did with Seamus mainly because we are so far away from our families and aren't able to share our day-to-day life with them in person. I know my mom and dad and mother-in-law (the main readers of this blog) will appreciate the photos of their ever-expanding grandchild. Also I like to imagine my children reading some of these blog entries one day and learning more about their mother and themselves.

So with that said...as I've rounded out my first trimester and am about to start on my second here are some stats:

First Trimester Food Cravings:

Pickled cucumbers (I always crave pickles, but even more so now)

Pickled okra (I'm craving this more than anything but can't find pickled okra in the North...I'm hoping the someone at Union Square Farmer's Market has some)

Dilly Beans



Goat Cheese

Fruit Juice (mainly I stick to coconut water with a splash of pineapple juice)

Soy Bacon

Soy Hot Dogs

Soy Hamburgers

Macaroni n' Cheese

Mashed Potatoes


First Trimester Food Aversions:

Pasta with tomato sauce

Anything with garlic

Pizza (although sometimes restaurant pizza doesn't bother me)

My homemade vegetable soup (the thought of this makes me feel queasy all over)



Chinese Food

Other Anomalies this Trimester:

Crazy, vivid dreams

Extreme moodiness (thankfully my sweet husband takes none of it personally)

Incredible sense of smell (for the most part this is not good--walking past restaurants makes me nauseous and on the train I can smell all the garlic people have eaten for lunch, thier perfume and cologne and morning breath--all things I never really noticed before)



Anonymous said...

You look great! Hopefully all the food aversions and nausea will go away during this second trimester. What a thinker that Seamus is! He will be a wonderful big brother.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

WOW look at you!!!! I hope you get to feeling better soon.I wish you were home here so your mom and I could be around and help you.Seamus is going to be a very good helper. Keep the pic's coming I can't beleive how you've already blossomed! Love you all and I hope to get up there soon.


Lydia said...

I'll try to post a picture once a week of my growing mid-section. I hope you get to come up this summer. We'd LOVE to see you. I'm already thinking of fun places to take you in the City. Sure wish we could get to TN though.

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