Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New York, New York

On Thursday of last week, T's mother and unlce made a spur-of-the-moment trip up from TN to visit us. They were only able to stay for two full days, but we made the most of it. We took them into the City and packed the Metropolitan Museum of Art, St. Paul's Chaple of Trinity Church, China Town and Pearl River, a yummy Vietnamese lunch, the USS Intrepid and a drive around the City into two days.

Friday was kind of a miserable day however. It stormed most of the day and so we decided to do something indoors. Of all the museums in the City I chose the Met because I thought it would hold the most interest for everyone. Seamus loves the African Art and sculpture and everyone loves classical paintings. Also, the Alexander McQueen exhibit was going on, and I'd been wanting to see it. Unfortunately, I failed to take into account what an ordeal it is getting into that part of town from Jersey. Three train rides and one grouchy, nappless 4-year-old do not mix.

The last time we visited the Met, S was stroller-bound, and we had no fear of him touching a priceless sculpture and he could lay back and take a nap whenever he pleased. This time no stroller and Seamus was hungry and punch-drunk tired the entire time we were in the museum. He wouldn't listen to a thing I said. We were snapped at by the guards on three ocassions, mostly because Seamus was standing too close to the paintings, and then the guards starting following me and S around like we were going to steal something. Finally, it got so uncomfortable we decided to leave after only 30 minutes of seeing exhibits, but right at that moment it started storming pretty hard. None of us wanted to walk in the rain, so we ended up waiting the storm out in the museum cafeteria. Note to self: The Met is NOT a place for strollerless children.

Before we landed at the Met we passed by one of the City's oldest graveyards; St. Paul's Chaple of Trinity Church had graves from the 1700s, and inside you could see the pew where George Washington sat. It was an amazing place, and we were lucky to have happened upon it on our way to the Fulton Street Station.

The next day T drove us into the city where we visited Pearl River...

...and where I bought this $2.50 sun hat.

We walked around China Town and ate the most delicious Vietmese food.

Then it was onto 45th Street and the USS Intredpid Museum. T is a WWII buff and Freddie is a former Navy man; so the guys really enjoyed this part of the trip.

On the way home T drove us through Times Square and all the wall down 7th Avenue back to the Holland Tunnel. We all agreed NYC by car was the best way to see the sites. We passed by the usual suspects:

And now I'm happy to be home. I did an hour of yoga yesterday to decompress after the sensory-overload that is NYC on the weekends. And now that I've heard familiar voices and seen familiar faces, I'm missing TN more than ever. If we can't arrange a last minute trip down south (and I doubt that we can), this will be the first summer we've missed visiting TN.

But I have a good reason for saving up all my vacation time and personal days. I'll be a thankful mama when this new baby gets here.

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