Monday, June 6, 2011

More from the Swamp

We visited our home away from home this weekend. This time the Great Swamp was overgrown with lily pads, mosses and ferns, and the water level had risen so that most of the turtles and frogs we saw a couple of weeks ago were completely hidden. We could hear them though, moving through the water and humming and croaking all day, and a few of them we actually spotted.

I had one rule for this visit. No auto-mode for my camera. I decided to switch my camera to manual mode and try out the new lens my boys bought me for Mother's Day. T picked this lens out especially for me because there's no auto option on it. He knew I'd be forced to finally figure out all the manual settings on my camera in order use it.

I'm so not used to manual mode. After so many years of using point and shoots, I'd forgotten photography basics like paying attention to the light meter and changing the aperture. But by the end of the day I'd figured it out and remembered how much I loved my old film SLR. I like having control over the image. And even though it takes longer and I don't shoot as much, I don't know that I'll ever go back to automatic.

It was a lovely day with my guys. Seamus listened to us for the most part all day long, even though he didn't have a nap. T and I got in some much-needed conversation time and family time. We saw lots of Red Wing Blackbirds, Juncos and Chipmunks and one little Goldfinch. And at the end of the day, we ate dinner at our favorite diner. And this day my morning all-day sickness wasn't so bad. I had french toast and chocolate pudding for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Great pics. We'll have to go visit the swamp next time we come up. Wonder when that will be? I miss you all so much! Will you be able to come down at all this summer? If not, we should probably take advantage of your Dad being off and come up for a long weekend.

Love you!

Lydia said...

I don't think we'll be coming to TN until after the baby is born. Since I need to save up my time at work. But we may try to go to Lucy's wedding in October. I have three-day weekends for most of the summer and we'd love to see you guys. We're thinking of taking some day trips to the Jersey beaches this summer if you and Dad want to come. Love you!

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