Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yarn Along

Yarning along with Ginny from Small Things again this week.

On the Needles: Yet another Vanilla Soaker. This time I'm getting crazy and adding stripes!

From the Library: The Freddie Stories by Lynda Barry. I try to read a Lynda Barry book once a year, and though I prefer her graphic novels to her comic strips, I'm very excited to delve into this collection of her Freddie strips. Her books The Good Times Are Killing Me and What It Is both blew me away, and I've been working up the courage to read her masterpiece Cruddy, but I've heard it's pretty depressing and gruesome (I couldn't make it through the movie version of The Road last week). Having a kid has turned me into a weepy, sensitive wuss.

1 comment:

house full of jays said...

I love the stripes on your soaker...and the Ravelry link with all those baby bums much.

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