Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday in the City

Yesterday, we spent a good few hours in the City visiting one of T's old friends. T hadn't seen his friend since high school, and S and I were excited about lunch in the City and Toys R Us afterward.

We met in Times Square (not our favorite place), and because we rarely set foot in midtown, I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.

You can really tell in this last photo that Mr. S was coming down with something. By the time we got home he was complaining of a sore throat, and after a trip to the doctor this morning we learned he has Strep Throat for the second time in four weeks.

We found a nice, quiet diner in the middle of it all and spent long lunch catching up.

The hostess gave Mr. S a lollipop before we left.

Toys R Us was just as we'd left it the last time we visited. Giant Ferris Wheel and T-Rex. Superman on the ceiling. We bought 1/2 pound of candy from Candy Land and headed home.

Nothing wears you out like an afternoon in Times Square. It's loud, there are flashing lights and advertisements on every conceivable surface and more taxis and tourists than you can shake a stick at.

By the end of the day we all looked like this:

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