Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day

For the sixth time in 32 years New York City schools closed for a snow day, and whenever NYC schools close FIT closes as well. The city got hit pretty hard, most places getting well over a foot of snow.

Here in Bayonne we woke up to about 14 inches of the white stuff.

The view from our living room window:

Everyone I know has been complaining about the snow we've gotten this winter (snow storms with accumulation every week since December). Everyone is sick of shoveling, but I've been waiting for a snow like this...a big one that shuts everything down and forces us all to stay home.

The Gwyns have been thoroughly enjoying this day. We took a long walk around our neighborhood this morning, and this is what our town looked like:

There were roving gangs of men and women carrying snow shovels and clearing the roads and sidewalks...on each block and each street there were the residents of Bayonne were working to make it easier to get around our little town.

Mr. T got out with the rest of the men on our block and shoveled the sidewalk. This storm brought a heavy, wet snow that the weather men warned against shoveling and kept calling heart-attack snow.

Mr. S had fun playing in and eating the snow:

Mr. S and I donned some new winter hats, actually these are just some samples I made for our soon-to-be Etsy shop.

Once we came back in doors, I of course felt compelled to make homemade hot chocolate.

We're enjoying our time off while it lasts because tomorrow all this snow will still be here and NYC will be up and running again, and I'll be slogging off to the train station on my way back to work.

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Rickety Rosie said...

I just caught up on about two months' worth of your blogs and loved them. Seamus will have such a marvelous record of his childhood. They will be a treasure for him!


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