Saturday, January 15, 2011

Old Friends

Saturday we drove into the city to join a favorite and much missed old friend for lunch. Since I'm in the City every weekday, I usually try to stay away from it on the weekends. And ever since we acquired a car we've been so busy exploring New Jersey and Pennsylvania that we kind of forgot about how lovely the City can be, especially downtown.

Downtown on the weekends is so nice; it's quiet and there's plenty of cheap or free parking, and since it only took us about 30 minutes to drive from Bayonne to Tribeca I think we'll be visiting the City on the weekends more often.

The City still has lots of slush and snow, but nothing like we have in New Jersey right now (and we just got a couple inches more this morning). The pigeons were right there in it, up to their bellies.

This past weekend our friend Chase was in town, and we met him for lunch at the Square Diner.

The Square diner has been a New York City establishment for over 90 years and has the yummiest sandwiches and breakfast foods. It was the perfect place for catching up with friends and was very kid-friendly. It's so nice to walk into a Manhattan restaurant right in the middle of lunch time and get a table right away and have plenty of room to spread out. In my neck of the woods, most of the Chelsea restaurants are the size of walk-in closets.

We had a great time hearing about Chase's new life in Pennsylvania and sharing our own big changes and plans. We all agreed it was shameful that we live only an hour apart and this is the first time we've gotten together since we all lived in Tennessee. We made hiking plans in Pennsylvania and promised to take Chase and his wife fossil hunting at Big Brook this summer.

Chase gained a fan in Mr. S, who cried for him after we parted.

When he woke up from his nap, Mr. S was still asking when we were going to see Chase again, and T and I felt the exact same way. Can't wait for hiking and fossil finding this summer.

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