Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gray Fossil Site

While visiting Mammaw and Mark in Tennessee we took Seamus to the Gray Fossil Museum. He'd been there before to see Sue, but he was a baby at the time, and Mammaw and I had never been there. We also took T's brother Travis along with us.

T and I are big museum junkies. Every little road trip we take always finds us in some random museum. Science and nature museums are our favorite. Needless to say, we've seen a lot of museums, but the Gray Fossil site really exceeded my expectations, with wonderful interactive exhibits for all ages and lots and lots of fun activities for kids.

We took a guided tour and learned all about the tapirs, crocodiles, rhinos and red pandas found at the site.

We even got a peak at the labs where the ETSU paleontology students and professors do their work.

Our tour ended in a little lab where our tour group got to sort through rocks and pebbles looking for fossils. I found all sorts of prehistoric sharks teeth in mine.

The museum also had a great bat exhibit going on while we were there.

I was so happy to learn about their Summer Camp program in which children spend a week at the site learning about paleontology, science, art and history. I know what Seamus be doing with our Tennessee summer vacation. If you ask Seamus what he wants to be when he grows up his answer is always the same, a paleontologist. I hope his interest in science and nature will last that long.


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Science and nature museums are our favorsbo
ite. Needless to say, we've seen a lot of museums, but the Gray Fossil site really

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