Saturday, November 27, 2010

Alpaca Holiday Weekend

We made it out to Far Hills, NJ today for Berry Meadow Farm's Alpaca Holiday Weekend, where we fed a couple of alpacas and drank hot apple cider.

Grandie and I came away with lots of nice, cozy alpaca wool. Looks like somebody will have some warm socks and hats this Christmas.

Friday, November 26, 2010

New Specs

1960s French Cateyes from my favorite vintage and antique eyewear shop,Fabulous Fanny's in the East Village.

Just a quick dispatch from our Thanksgiving holiday...

Enjoying my six days off from work with both of my misters, big and small, and Grandie and Grandpa, who came up from TN on Wednesday.

Grandie and I cooked and baked for about two days, only to have all of Thanksgiving dinner consumed in about ten minutes. We made T's mom's buttermilk yeast rolls and sweet potato casserole, along with corn pudding, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce (with pecans and oranges), pumpkin pie, stuffing and of course turkey. All organic and mostly local. We wanted a heritage turkey but settled on a cheaper, free-range one instead. Grandpa fixed the mashed potatoes and carved the turkey.

Georgia waited for the crumbs to fall.

Once G and G arrived our apartment turned into a circus with rough-housing and goofing around by all parties.

Spider-Man paid us a visit as well.

Tomorrow is the last full day with G and G, and then Sunday they leave for TN. T and I are taking everyone to Berry Meadow Farm in Far Hills, NJ for their alpaca holiday. Hopefully, Grandie and I will score some nice wool while we're there.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mammoths and Mastodons

A couple of weeks ago I took Mr. S to the Mammoths and Mastodons exhibit at Liberty Science Center. We've been anxiously awaiting the opening of this exhibit, driving past the Science Center every Saturday morning and seeing the giant advertisement on the front entrance.

Mr. S kept wondering if there would be real live Mammoths and Smilodons walking around in glass cages at the exhibit, and I kept telling him no, ice age mammals are extinct. But he wasn't having it, and kept saying to me, "We'll see, Mama." He was a little disappointed when we got there and there were only bones and replicas.

However, there was this gem, and the main reason people go to this exhbit:

This is Lyuba, a baby Mammoth and the most well-preserved one ever found. You could say she's a mummy. I couldn't get detailed pictures with my point-and-shoot camera and the glass, but she was amazing. We could see the wrinkles in her skin, especially around her eyes, and a little bit of mummified hair.

I love Liberty Science Center, and we'd probably be there every weekend if it weren't so darned expensive ($50 for one adult and a three-year-old, that includes $7 for parking). We should probably just break down and buy a season pass.

After Lyuba, there were lots of other Ice Age mammals to see. Mr. S had a big time petting them all.

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