Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Holidays, Y'all

The Gwyn Family has been busy this past week getting ready for Santa.

On Sunday we visited the Bayonne Garden Center and picked out a little potted tree that we can take with us to TN and plant in one of the Grandparents' yards.

Seamus had such fun decorating it:

He liked hanging all of his candy canes and ornaments in one spot:

Then we made holiday cards with paper doilies and metallic Sharpie markers:

And, of course, we visited Santa an the Newport Mall:

And now we're counting down the days until we head down South to be with the people we love and miss the most. Can't wait to see everyone!


Kitty said...

Do u know the dates yet?

Lydia said...

Hi Kitty,

We'll be in JC on Christmas day...not sure how long we're staying, but we will be at the Hideaway on Saturday, Dec. 26th...since Mr. S will be staying with his Mammaw. You and Bob should come out that night. We'd also love to get the kiddos together at some point. Be prepared for lots of baked goods from us for Christmas (and a toy for Syd of course).

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