Monday, September 13, 2010

The Legend of Baby Link

I’ve not blogged about it recently, but I’ve been knitting up a storm all summer. I’d been working on a vintage cabled summer sweater for myself, but then the time to start working on projects for arriving babies drew nearer and nearer, and I had to stop in the middle of my vintage sweater and start something new.

When both of my cousins (who are brothers) announced their wives were pregnant at the same time, our whole family was super excited, especially their mother who will be a grandmother for the first time (and to TWO babies). My cousins are into videogames, especially The Legend of Zelda. I can remember spending weekends with them as a child where they and my brother played this game for hours on end. So when I found a pattern for a Baby Link costume, I couldn’t resist.

I made two and it took forever because, although it is an easy enough looking pattern, it was anything but. There were lots of techniques I’d never used before like grafting with the Kitchener stitch and a provisional cast-on, which with the help of YouTube weren’t too bad. I made one and then I made another, and I packaged them up and sent them on their way down South.

My favorite feature of the whole costume is the quiver that holds a baby bottle.

Now that Link is off the needles, I’ve started this Owlet Sweater for Mr. S. It is super fast and simple and has been a joy to knit. The pattern is beautifully written and very clear. I started it last week and will probably finish it up tonight or tomorrow.

Then I’m moving on to hats for the whole family. Guess that vintage sweater isn't coming off stitch holders any time soon.

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