Sunday, July 4, 2010

Norris Dam State Park

Since we've been at Grandie and Grandpa's, we've taken every opportunity to spend time at Norris State Park, just down the road from their house. We've played in Clear Creek, turning over rocks to see what we could find, hiked the Song Bird Trail, toured the Grist Mill and the Threshing Barn, played in the pool at the top of the mountain, watched birds and butterflies and just soaked up as much nature as we possibly could.

Norris Pool:

Clear Creek:

Dusky Salamander:


Seamus found a Periwinkle Snail:

Wild Raspberries:

The Song Bird Trail:

Wooly Worm:

Daddy Long Legs:

The blurry wings of a Great Blue Heron, who flew off just as I snapped this photo:

The Grist Mill (where Mr. T proposed to me):

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