Sunday, May 23, 2010


I wish I had new and exciting news to offer regarding Mr. T’s job hunting, but unfortunately we don’t know much yet. He graduates on Tuesday, and the Toy Design department has been frantically trying to place students in the industry. However, since the economy is so awful right now most of these students will end up with temp jobs or another internship. So far only one student has landed a permanent position. Keep your fingers crossed for us…we don’t have any geographical attachments aside from wanting some nature around us. If we end up sticking around the NYC area, we'd like to find some remote NJ or NY farmland, but still be able to commute to the city, which doesn't seem likely with our budget. But since there are toy companies all over this country, in nearly every state, we could really end up anywhere. And we’re up for the adventure.

Because the end of this whole escapade is near, I’ve been day dreaming up a storm. I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but I’ve been keeping lists of new things I’d like to learn in a little black book that I keep by my work desk. Some of these include bee keeping, planting apple trees, moving from the drop spindle to the spinning wheel, heirloom vegetable and flower gardening, learning to can and pickle veggies, finding more time for writing, studying yoga more intensely and perhaps with a teacher, generally becoming a better cook. Of course it will be nice to have the time to do such things, but until Mr. T lands a permanent position somewhere, and we get our financial-bearings, it's back to the daily grind for me for awhile. And back to trying to make the most of my days off with Mr. S.

Now that Mr. S is in preschool and is an all-around big boy, our conversations have become more complex and interesting. Most of the time it’s like I’m walking around with a three-foot man. He’s starting using words like “afterwards” and "amazing."
And he’s constantly correcting me if I misname something like an animal or a dinosaur. He’ll say, “No, Mama. That’s a marasuchus. Not a crocodilian.” And then, “I’ll show you what one looks like,” and he’ll go off to find a marasuchus toy or picture of one in a book and show it to me. He somehow remembers every word that comes out of my mouth (even when I don’t) and every book we ever read. Everyday amazement on my part.

Since the weather has continued to remain warm and sunny, we’ve continued to enjoy nature walks and trips to the park. Here’s some of what we’ve been up to lately:

Playing baseball:

Seamus is actually pretty good at hitting the ball when I throw it to him. Still working on catching.

Feeding left-over bread to the ducks and geese:

Looking for bugs:

And on colder or rainy days...painting and planting Chia Pets:


Rickety Rosie said...

Tuesday is a very big day indeed! Congratulations to Mr. T and hoping that the job of his dreams will be available. You've followed your dream, Thomas, and so many people are so very proud of you.

Love, Richda

Mary said...

Richda said it so well, all I can say is "Ditto!" We love you, Thomas, and are so proud of you!


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