Friday, May 28, 2010

Congratulations, Graduate!

As of Tuesday, May 25, 2010 Mr. T is a proud owner of two BFA degrees and a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. An official toy designer looking for official toy design work. His mother, aunt Sandy, uncle Freddie and nephew Devin all came up to celebrate with us. None of them had ever been to Manhattan before, and we had a big time showing them the sites.

We had fun taking them to Italian restaurants, in Jersey of course where the best Italian resides, and our local bakery and introducing them to our daily commutes by taking them into the city. I don't think they could imagine taking two trains to work everyday, and the train travel in general kind of wore everyone out, especially since most of what we wanted to see in New York was three train rides away. But we had a lovely time in the City...

We took a stroll through Bryant Park and rode the carousel.

Later we visited FAO Schwartz and the Big piano and Tiffany and Co., where we saw the world's largest canary diamond.

We also spent some time at Central Park and had Mr. S and Mr. Devin's portraits made by a couple of street artists.

We spent a lot of time in Times Square, where we visited the M & M store and the Hershey store...

And the three story Toys R Us with the Ferris wheel and the T-Rex.

We also ran into the Naked Cowboy, and T's Mom and Aunt got their photos taken with him.

Graduation was in Radio City Music Hall, home to the Rockettes.

It was long-winded like most graduations, but we got to hear speeches by the designer Norma Kamali and the former CEO of Hasbro Alan Hassenfeld, each of whom received honorary doctorate degrees. The biggest speaker was Project Runway's Nina Garcia, who wasn't bad, but considering last year's graduates got Annie Leibovitz and Karen Allen (of Starman fame) I felt kind of gypped.

It was a big day and a big week for all of us, and Mr. S loved seeing his Tennessee family.

It's always fun bringing friends and family into the city and showing them around, especially if they've never been there. It's the only chance really that T and I get to do touristy things, and it reminds us every time that there's so much of New York that we've yet to see. This weekend we're thinking of exploring Central Park a little more. We hear there's a secret carousel there.

We had a great time with T's family and miss them already.

And I know I speak for everyone when I say, Congratulations T...we're so very proud of you!


Mike said...

Wow what great pictures Congrats to Mr. T! Great job. I didn't know you would be finish with school so fast. Everyone looks great.
C,C & M

Kimberly said...

How wonderful, Congrats Mr. T!

Anonymous said...

great pics, had a great time with you and thomas and seamus, miss all of you allready.praying for a new job and a great move for all of you. love aunt sandy

Rickety Rosie said...

Absolutely - Congratulations and Pride in your accomplishment!

Addendum: I can't get over how very grown-up Seamus looks. All the baby is gone.

Lydia said...

Thanks guys! Most of those pictures were taken with my mother-in-law's camera. She takes great photos.

Rosie--Seamus is a little man now. I wish you could see him.

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