Friday, May 7, 2010

The Big 0-3!

Long ago I should have posted pictures from Mr. S's big 3rd birthday, but better late than never. We decided to have a simple party at home with just us and my parents who came up for a few days.

Seamus requested a lion cake, and I did my best. I found another lion cake online and adapted it to something simpler that used cookies and Hershey kisses instead of fondant:

He received lots of Kung-Fu Panda toys, Monsters Vs. Aliens toys, books (Dr. Seuss and more Berenstain Bears, which he's really getting into) and T and I thought it was high time the boy had an easel. This one has a magnetic dry-erase board on one side, a chalk board on the other and a roll of paper to drape over either side for painting. It's been a big hit in our house. Seamus is fascinated with chalk and erasers and chalk dust.

Later that weekend, Grandie and Grandpa bought us tickets to the American Museum of Natural History, which we also visited for Mr. S's second birthday. It's somehow better when you're 3 and taller and able to understand more.

It was a great few days and we miss Grandie and Grandpa already. Looking forward to Mammaw and Uncle Freddie (and possibly Aunt Sandy too) coming up for T's graduation at the end of this month.

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